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What is happening in Amsterdam that tourists would be interested in? You find this specialized local news right here! We sort through press releases, newspapers and internet forums so you won’t have to and filter only the best Amsterdam Local News.

19th of May 2015:

Rijksmuseum European's best

Europe’s finest

In the Scottish city of Glasgow The Rijksmuseum is named European museum of the year 2015. The prize is awarded by the European Museum Forum (EMF) to museums that entice their visitors in a remarkable way.

And according to them, the Rijksmuseum does that and much more, thanks to the extreme transformation it went through over the last years.

They claim that the dazzling restoration of the murals and the mindful reconfiguration of the museum and it’s paintings has turned out extremely well. This enables the Rijksmuseum to create a unique atmosphere that, at least in 2015, is not matched by any other museum in Europe.

What more must be said to make you want to have a look for yourself?

11th of May 2015:


It’s coming….!

When thinking of luxury shopping in Amsterdam the P.C. Hoofstraat or the Magna Plaza probably comes to mind, but from September 2016 one more option can be added to that list.

That’s when the luxury department store Haussman will open its doors on the Rokin, only a stone throw away from the Bijenkorf.

More than 7000 m² filled with luxury products and a food hall will fill the seven floors of this department store that, according to the owner, sizes up to Harrods in London or KaDeWe in Berlin.

We’ve already started saving!

4th of May 2015:

Amsterdam pedestrian galore

Amsterdam pedestrian galore?

No more endless searching for a parking place and strolling through Amsterdam’s city center without cars flying by? Sounds wonderful doesn’t it, and when the city council gets it’s way, this will be Amsterdam’s future.

Not only are they planning to build six new underground parking garages and intend to ban cars from the town’s center, fifty more traffic measures are proposed to make Amsterdam into a pedestrian heaven.

The plans are going to be tested in the popular shopping area The Nine Streets (De Negen Straatjes in Dutch), banning cars on Saturdays. If it works out, the rest of town will follow.

Oh, and bicycles aren’t forgotten. More bike paths and better adjusted traffic lights will make cycling more enjoyable and save.

23th of April 2015:

Kingsday 2015

Kingsday is almost here!

Some very unhappy faces last year, as tourists were misguided by outdated travel brochures, misinforming them to dress up in orange to celebrate Queens Day on the 30th of April with the Dutch.

King Willem-Alexander just changed places with his mum, who was now back to being a princes of the Netherlands. The new King danced his socks off with his beautiful wife Maxima, just days before.

After decades of woman ruling over Holland a man has taken charge, but the women are lined up to replace him, as his heirs are his three beautiful daughters.

But until one of them takes over, the Dutch will be celebrating Kingsday on the 27th of April.

14th of April 2015:

Nieuw Stadspark

New City Park

Amsterdam is going to get much greener. And no, we are not talking about more weed. The city council is going to invest in more trees and plants. 20 million euros more green leaves to be exact.

The main goal is that every citizen of Amsterdam can get to a green oasis within minutes for a run, summery pick nick or just to chill, maybe doing yoga or tai chi.

Popular parks like the Vondelpark, Oosterpark and the Sarphatipark are getting too crowded, so less known parks like the Rembrandtpark and the Martin Luther Kingpark will be pimped to get more attractive.

There are also plans for a completely new city park. They have not yet decided where it should go, so if you have a good idea, now is the time to let them know.

7th of April 2015:

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Temporary Bridge for Liberation Day

Every year on the 5th of May the Dutch celebrate that they were freed from the German suppression during the Second World War back in 1945.

Liberation Day, or Bevrijdingsdag as it is called in Dutch, is a celebratory day with festivities al throughout Amsterdam.

This year made even more special with a temporary bridge between Amsterdam North and the city center across the river IJ.

During the lasts months of the war supplies were so low that running the ferry to connect northern Amsterdam was not possible due to a lack of diesel.

To facilitate people coming to the town’s center, the out of service taken ferries were tied together in a long string across the water. People wanting to go to the other side climbed over the boats to get across.

An inventive and very effective means of transport that will be reenacted on May the fifth 2015.

If you would like to join this special occasion of walking over water you will have to reserve a ticket. You can sign up from 9 o’clock on the 8th of April 2015 via this link.

21th of March 2015:

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World’s Largest Water Slide is Coming to Amsterdam this Summer

Although the current weather does not make you think of bikini’s and splashing around, this first day of Spring does bring summery fun closer.

And some fun we will have this summer, as this over 500 meter long water slide will appear somewhere in Amsterdam in 2015.

Permits still have to be finalized and a suitable location still to be found (Amsterdam is as flat as a pancake but a slide needs a good slope…), but we are optimistic.

After all, the Dutch are internationally renowned for their water management, are they not?