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The Sarphatipark is located in the heart of the lively neighborhood the Pijp, right behind the Albert Cuyp market. That makes it an ideal place, when the weather is nice, to enjoy the tasty snacks you bought on the market. During the summer months they even hand out free plastic picnic mats, so you can enjoy the grass without getting stains in your clothing.


Ponds and ducks

The Sarphatipark is surrounded by stately, partly monumental buildings, which are located on higher grounds than the park itself as the ground under the buildings was incremented, but the park grounds were not. This made water supply for the park’s ponds and fountain difficult, therefore a special water pipe, starting at the Stadhouderskade was built. Please note that although inviting, swimming in the ponds is not allowed.

Ideal for families with kids

The Sarphatipark also has a playground for the little ones, where you’ll find the neighborhood kids and their parents. This makes it an ideal place to relax with your family after strolling through this cozy car-restricted area.

1073 EB Amsterdam

Free entrance all year round.