Shopalicious Top 10; For the Best Shopping in Amsterdam

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Shopalicious Top 10; For the Best Shopping in Amsterdam

Looking for a fun destination for a week end full of shopping? May we of Best of Amsterdam suggest coming to, you’ve guessed it, Amsterdam? The capitol of the Netherlands is slowly but very surely setting its name as a serious shopping city. Over the past few years big international shopping chains have all opened huge stores here, making sure Amsterdam can now compete with traditional shopping cities like Paris, London and Milan.

Concept stores versus boutiques

Those who like to shop on the high street will definitely be happy in Amsterdam. But if you prefer shopping in little specialist boutiques, you’ll love Amsterdam as well. Take for instance the 9 streets. This shopping area in between Amsterdam’s famous canals is bursting out of its seams with cute shops that sell unique things.

Add to that all the cool concept stores that are popping up everywhere (at a concept store you don’t just shop, you drink great coffee there, discover new artists and you can get your hair cut, for instance), the diversity of specialist shops like milliners and bookshops that only sell cook books and the many markets (from food to vintage) and we can only conclude that Amsterdam has it all for a perfect weekend shopping trip!

Shopping in Amsterdam

Best of Amsterdam top 10

All those shops are of course very good news, but they also present us with a problem: Where to start? And how do we know we are not missing out on something? Ahhh, the stress… Let Best of Amsterdam help you out. We have compiled a little list of things you don’t want to miss during your stay.

We start our shopping weekend on Saturday morning with a nice breakfast and we end it Sunday night after dinner. The time in between is reserved for some serious shopping. We have made sure that you can get from one destination to the other either by foot or through a fast public transport connection. So let’s go shopping now!


10. Breakfast at Latei


Our first day of shopping starts with a nice, healthy breakfast that will give us all the energy we need during the rest of the day. We start at Latei.

Latei is a household name in Amsterdam. The shop window sums Latei up quite nicely: ‘antiques & espresso, olive oil & pottery, Rock ’n Roll’. Might sound a bit strange, but trust us when we say it is a really awesome combination.

The chairs at Latei are all originals from the 50s and 60s and if you like what you are sitting on, you can even bring it back home with you. Yes, everything you see at Latei is for sale. And when we say everything, we mean everything. Not only the vintage lamps and paintings on the wall, but also all the vintage toys, posters and tea sets that are scattered around the shop and whatever you may find stacked on one of the many shelves.

Latei serves great coffee, tasty sandwiches, soups and homemade pies. All this makes Latei the perfect start of the day for those who are serious about shopping: eat and shop at the same time. Sounds perfect, right?

Latei opens at 9 AM on Saturdays.

09. The Kalverstraat for some high street shopping


The Zeedijk brings you via the Nieuwmarkt and the Nieuwe Hoogstraat to the Dam Square in ten minutes. Before you turn left to the Kalverstraat don’t forget to pay a visit to H&M’s flagship store on the Dam. With over 2600 square meters it is the biggest H&M in the Netherlands.

Be sure not to loose track of time at H&M, because the Kalverstraat is waiting for you. This street is the number one shopping street of Amsterdam and it is over a kilometer long. All the big chains have a store here, like Pull & Bear, Zara, Monki, Urban Outfitters and Topshop.

The Kalverstraat can get very crowded on the weekends, but when you come early in the day, like we are doing, you can still shop comfortably here.
At the end of The Kalverstraat turn left, towards the Rokin. Walking back towards the Dam Square, you’ll pass the cool Weekday store and French designer Agnes b.’s only Dutch store. Shoe shoppers pay attention: you can buy shoes by famous Dutch shoe designer Jan Jansen at his Rokin store and Amsterdam shoe shop Betsy Palmer has a beautiful shop across the street.

08. The Bijenkorf

De Bijenkorf

Back at the Dam square you can see our next destination towering in front of you: De Bijenkorf (or: the beehive). This department store was founded in Amsterdam in 1870. Back in the day it was a different store than it is now. De Bijenkorf went from a shop selling tailor’s requisites only to a full blown department store selling clothing, perfume and cosmetics, books, furniture and cooking supplies.

You will find a lot of shop-in-shops at De Bijenkorf, best illustrated by the shops on the ground floor. Here, luxury brands like Louis Vuitton and Gucci present their collections. Upstairs is room for smaller and more accessible brands. Do not forget to check out the shoe department that has a very nice collection of shoes for all budgets.

The fifth floor houses De Bijenkorf Kitchen, where we will have our lunch today. All dishes are made on the spot and the menu includes sandwiches and soups, but also pizza, pasta, sushi, grilled meat and a fresh salad bar.

07. P.C. Hooftstraat

P.C. Hooftstraat - Posh Shopping

The Bijenkorf gave us a little taste of luxurious life, but it was just the beginning. Let’s go to our next stop on the list: the PC Hooftstraat. Hop on tram 2 or 5 behind the royal Palace and before you know it you are surrounded by the rich – and sometimes famous – of Amsterdam.

At the PC Hooftstraat the really luxurious brands are united. Have you been saving for years to buy your first piece by Chanel? Or been dying to try on those gorgeous Prada shoes? Here, it’s possible. Other brands you will find on this street include Cartier, Hermes, Tiffany & Co, Burberry, Jimmy Choo and Armani. Definitely not within reach for all of us, but even if you don’t have the finances to shop here it is still great fun to walk around and look at all the beautiful store windows and people. There is always something to see at the PC (locals call this street simply ‘the PC’).

Turn right at the end of the PC Hooftstraat, into the Van Baerlestraat for some more nice shops (that are less expensive) like Dutch brand Vanilia, The Society Shop and Petit Bateau.

06. Wagamama


A day of serious shopping makes one very hungry. Time for dinner! Today, we choose Japanese food. Nice and fresh and not too expensive, because our wallet might need a bit of a rest after today.

Enter the Vondelpark and walk towards the Leidseplein. Too many shopping bags hanging from your shoulders? Feet are tired? You can also take the tram back to where we were initially coming from, or order a cab. You are coming from the PC, so a bit of luxury is allowed, right?!

Wagamama has been around for ages in Amsterdam. Their first restaurant ever was opened in 1992 in London and since then they have opened over 120 spots all over Europe. Today, we choose the one at the Max Euweplein, but they have two more restaurants in the city that you can choose from.

At Wagamama’s they serve delicious ramen, nice curries and teppanyaki. Order a nice freshly pressed juice on the side and enjoy!

Sleep tight!

Our first day of shopping has come to an end.

Shopping is hard work and we wouldn’t be surprised if you are in desperate need of some relaxing right now. A true shopping king or queen of course sleeps best when surrounded by lots of shops. We suggest staying in Bed & Breakfast The 9 Streets that is located right in the middle of one of Amsterdam’s most popular shopping areas (a visit to this area is scheduled for tomorrow!).

We advise you to go to bed on time, because there is a full day of shopping planned for you tomorrow!


05. The IJ-Hallen

IJ-hallen Vlooienmarkt

Our second day of shopping starts early. We know it is Sunday, but you’ll have plenty of time to sleep the rest of the week. Grab a coffee and a croissant at the Central Station and hop on board the ferry that takes you to the NDSM wharf.

Why so early today? Because we are going to Europe’s largest flea market. And because your chances of finding some real treasures here are increased considerably when you come early.

The location of this monthly flea market is part of the old ship wharf of Amsterdam. You will not find boats here anymore, because the wharf is now used for events and parties only. When it is winter, the flea market is completely indoors. From May until September the market moves outside.

This market is a real flea market, meaning you can expect to find anything here, except of course new products. Prices here are quite low, but no one would be surprised if you would still try to negotiate a bit on prices. That is what you do on a flea market, right?

04. Vinnies Deli

Vinnies Deli

Flea markets make you hungry. Time to take care of our bodies a bit and find a nice spot to have a proper Sunday brunch. We take the ferry back to the city center and head over to the Nieuwezijds Kolk to Vinnies Deli. Vinnies is the perfect spot for delicious and healthy food. Everything on the menu is organic, and they also sell food suitable for those with gluten allergy or who follow a vegan diet.

The menu is diverse: both international dishes and authentic Amsterdam snacks are represented. Go for delicious baba ganoush with pomegranate (a dish based on roasted egg plants) or try a real Amsterdam sandwich with authentic sausage (the Dutch call it osseworst), mustard and pickled onions. And what about some classic oatmeal? Try the updated version of oatmeal pudding that is served with coconut milk and fresh fruit!

Don’t forget to pay some attention to Vinnies interior. It consists of mostly vintage Scandinavian design and all the pieces are for sale.

03. The Nine Streets

De Negen Straatjes

From Vinnies Deli we walk to the Dam Square where we turn right, heading towards Amsterdam’s famous canals. Here, between the Dam Square and the Spui you’ll find the 9 Streets. This popular shopping area has been a thriving business area since the 17th century. The nine little streets connect the canals and because of their convenient location they were the perfect spot to set up shop for merchants to sell their goods that were brought in via the water.

Today, this is still an area with a true Amsterdam feel to it. Locals love spending time here, even though the streets are a popular destination for visitors of the city and can therefore get a bit crowded.

The 9 Streets are known today for their variety of little shops of brands like Maison Scotch, Acne, RIKA, Hope and Amsterdam brand King Louie. Luckily, it is not just clothes you buy here. The 9 Streets are also a great destination for those who need a new interior. From vintage to brocante to more classical furniture: you can find it here. You can do more than just shop here: there are a lot of restaurant and bars here as well.

Don’t forget to pay a visit to the Witte Tandenwinkel (white teeth shop) that specializes in dental care (sounds boring, but is one of the most original shops in the city), the Skins Cosmetic Lounge (exclusive perfumes and cosmetics), Mendo books (art and design books) and Laura Dols (for vintage bridal wear).

02. Local Goods Market and Store

Local Goods Market

We are getting closer to the end of our shopping week end in Amsterdam, but we have one more shopping destination ahead of us. Let’s walk from the Elandsgracht to the Kinkerstraat and then to the Ten Katemarkt. Here, you’ll find the entrance to one of Amsterdam’s new hot spots: De Hallen (the halls or lobbies). This former depot for trams now houses a movie theater and food stalls (see below for more information on the food stalls). This location hosts events during the weekend, like for instance the Local Goods Market.

It won’t come as a surprise, but at the Local Goods Market you buy products that are made in and around Amsterdam. Not just clothing and food, but also bikes, glasses, bags and lamps. And everything comes from local suppliers.

The Local Goods Market is an initiative of Pakhuis De Zwijger, an organization in Amsterdam that serves the creative industry of the city, and local platform Indie Brands that supports independent, small brands. The Local Goods Market turned out to be a great success, inspiring both organizations to open an actual store in De Hallen making it possible to shop local every day of the week. If you are looking for an original souvenir to bring back home, we recommend you have a look here!

01. The Foodhallen

Foodhallen Amsterdam

Last thing to do today is have a good meal. Luckily, we don’t have to go far this time. You might have smelled it while shopping at the Local Goods Store: the Foodhallen are right next-door. Food markets in Madrid and London, where chefs from all over the world are united under one roof, inspired the Foodhallen.

It is best to start at the center bar and order a glass of wine or a cocktail. Take in what people around you are eating and decide what you want to try. The stalls offer things like juicy burgers, sushi rolls that are made on the spot and various vegetarian options. There are also Turkish specialties, Indian street food and exotic pizzas. And if you have any room left, there are even delicious desserts. Perfect end to a perfect weekend!

More tips?

A top 10 for the best shopping in Amsterdam can’t possibly include all the great shops that Amsterdam has, but that is where our website comes to the rescue. We invite you to visit our site for even more up to date Amsterdam shopping tips.


Of course it is possible that you don’t agree with our choice for this top 10. Maybe you miss a great shop that you discovered while you were in Amsterdam or maybe our tips didn’t live up to your expectations. Please do tell us. You can get in contact with us either by commenting under this post or by dropping us a message via our contact form that you can find here.


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