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Museum Night

Every first Saturday of November over 45 museums in Amsterdam open their doors at night. From 19.00 hours until 2.00 in the morning you are invited to explore the cultural treasures of Amsterdam in the dark.


Extraordinary experiences

Always wanted to do some Greek wrestling in a museum? Or eat food inspired by recipes from centuries ago? At the Museum night (Museumnacht in Dutch) all this and more is possible. All participating museums offer their visitors a special program connected to their permanent collections. Famous writers give lectures, fashion designers present their new collections and in 2012 it was even possible to go to a real zombie workshop inspired by Hitchcock at the EYE Film Museum.

Second visit

For the Museum night you have to buy a ticket that will give you entrance to all the locations and above that free use of the Amsterdam public transport (GVB). Don’t throw away your ticket, because it will give you free entrance to a museum of your choice during the day.

Participating museums in 2019 include:
EYE Film museum
Stedelijk Museum
Van Gogh Museum
Artis Zoo (no free entrance during the day)

Museum Night
Nearly 50 museums participate

Every year Museum Night is organised on the first Saturday of November:

Saturday 2nd of November 2019

19.00 – 02.00

A ticket bought ahead of time costs around € 18.

You can also buy a ticket on the evening itself, expect to pay a few euro’s extra then.