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The Uitmarkt Amsterdam

Every year at the end of August the arrival of a new cultural season is celebrated in Amsterdam. During the Uitmarkt Amsterdam, next season’s cultural program is presented to the public. The Museum Square gets transformed into one giant theatre where you can experience everything from music, stand-up comedy, classical dance and literature. During this free festival you will get a taste of what next season will bring, by watching sneak previews of all the shows.



A big part of the program of Uitmarkt Amsterdam will be in Dutch, but there is also a lot to enjoy if you don’t speak Dutch. Even if you’re not that interested in the shows, you can always walk around the site and have a beer and some nice food. The grand opening on the first night is broadcasted live on national television. If you would like to make your debut on Dutch TV, make sure to get yourself noticed!

* Photo: Cris Taola Olivares and Michael-Kooren

Uitmarkt Amsterdam
1071 Amsterdam
Museum Quarter

The Uitmarkt Amsterdam is organised every last weekend of August:

28 August – 29 August – 30 August 2015

You can visit outdoor theater festival Uitmarkt free of charge.