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Film Festival Pluk de Nacht

Since 2003 open air Film Festival Pluk de Nacht (Seize the Night) brings the best of independent film to Amsterdam: documentaries, shorts or absurd romantic comedies. Expect the unexpected. For a film to be selected for the festival it needs to not been shown in the Netherlands before. The initiators of Pluk de Nacht share a love for film. At the international film festivals they visit, they often run into little gems of movies that they want to share with their friends back in Amsterdam. What better way to that than by organizing your own festival!


Free film festival

Film Festival Pluk de Nacht is located on a former harbor site named Het Stenen Hoofd (The Stone Head) which is a 10 minute walk from Central Station. Entrance to the festival is free. At four o’clock the bar opens and the kitchen opens around five. You can bring your own food, but in order keep the festival a free festival, do order your drinks at the bar. Money made from the bar goes into programming. The festival is run by volunteers only. If you want to support the festival, rent a beach chair through their website (you decide the price). Of course you can also bring something to sit on.

Film Festival Pluk de Nacht
Het Stenen Hoofd (former harbour)
Westerdoksdijk 40
1013 AE Amsterdam
Western Islands

7 August 2019 – 4 September 2019

Information about 2020 follows.

You can watch all the movies of the Pluk de Nacht film festival free of charge.