Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE)

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Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE)

During the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) the city of Amsterdam turns into one giant club. Expect five nights full of parties spread all over town. There are over 450 events organized at more than 100 locations. ADE focuses on electronic music only and it is the biggest international club festival in the world.


Line-up ADE

ADE caters to all genres and sub-genres in electronic dance music. DJ’s, singers and acts from all over the world come to Amsterdam during ADE to perform. Tickets for the festival can be bought through the ADE website. You have to buy a ticket for the specific event you want to visit.

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Conference Amsterdam Dance Event

When you are out dancing all night, you probably want (or need!) to stay in during the day. The conference connected to Amsterdam Dance Event might make you want to reconsider that. There is a full daytime program where there is place for critical dialogue and debate, but also workshops and conferences all connected to the dance scene. So besides dancing the night away at ADE you can actually learn some things too!

Amsterdam Dance Event
During Amsterdam Dance Event
parties are hosted in over 90 clubs

Amsterdam Dance Event is organised on:

Wednesday October 14th 2015
Thursday October 15th 2015
Friday October 16th 2015
Saturday October 17th 2015
Sunday October 18th 2015

You can go to one party, visit them all, one day or five days in a row, and then there are the conferences you can go to during the day.
So expect to pay between:

€ 10 – € 400