• Ziggo Dome

Ziggo Dome

The Ziggo Dome is one of the many places in Amsterdam where you can go to listen to live music. It can hold up to 17.000 guests, making it a big player in Amsterdam. It is relatively new (the first concert given at the Dome was on Juni 24th 2012 by the famous Dutch singer Marco Borsato) and it is already a very popular venue for live music.



The name suggests it is a real dome, but in fact the Ziggo Dome is a big black box covered with led lights that make it possible to project video messages on its facade. A few relatively simple adjustments can transform the Ziggo Dome from a music venue into an ice skating track, an Olympic swimming pool or tennis court.

Jay Z and the MTV European Music Awards

The main purpose of the Ziggo Dome is music. Mostly live artists, but you can also come here to dance. Famous Dutch deejays like Tiësto and Armin van Buuren have for instance hosted evenings here. Even MTV has been known to throw a party here every now and then. Expect artists as diverse as Queens of the Stone Age, Little Wayne and Fleetwood Mac.

Ziggo Dome
De Passage 100
1101 AX Amsterdam
South East

Ticket prices depend on the show and night.


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