• Ysbreeker


The Ysbreeker is a coffee and tea house, a lunch room, bar, lounge and restaurant all in one. That is at least how they present themselves. Add to that a very hospitable environment – they don’t mind if you sit for hours on end on a single cup of tea.


Cozy interior

The Ysbreeker consists of smaller areas that are all connected and create an intimate atmosphere. The beautiful details of the interior, like the old granite floor, deserve careful attention. Luckily, you have all the time in the world when visiting the Ysbreeker, for their kitchen doesn’t close until after midnight.

Weesperzijde 23
1091 EC Amsterdam

Monday: 08.00 – 01.00
Tuesday: 08.00 – 01.00
Wednesday: 08.00 – 01.00
Thursday: 08.00 – 01.00
Friday: 08.00 – 02.00
Saturday: 08.00 – 02.00
Sunday: 08.00 – 02.00

To give you an idea:

Croissant with jam:
€ 2,75

Croque monsieur:
€ 6,85

Soup of roasted tomato and capsicum:
€ 6,35

Rib eye with Béarnaise, fries and grilled vegetables:
€ 19,9

Grilled tuna, polenta, salsa verde and fennel salad 
€ 19,9

Bread pudding:
€ 6,75