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Stayokay Zeeburg

Hostel Stayokay Zeeburg is located in a quiet neighborhood in the eastern part of town. Because the city center is only a 15 minute tram or bike ride away, this hostel is a great choice if you prefer a less touristy environment, but also want to visit the center of Amsterdam. Don’t forget to explore the multicultural Zeeburg area as well, because it will give you a sense of what living in Amsterdam is really like.


Hostel and restaurant

Stayokay Zeeburg offers different types of rooms, both private and shared. The hostel also has an indoor bar and restaurant.

Stayokay Zeeburg
Timorplein 21
1094 CC Amsterdam
Zeeburg & IJburg

Prices depend on availability and duration of your stay:

4 person dorm: € 19 – € 38
6-9 person dorm: € 19 – € 38
10+ dorms: € 19 – € 38

(you rent the room, prices are per person)
two person room: € 31 – € 50
four person room: € 19 – € 45
six person room: € 19 – € 41


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