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Rialto Film Theatre

Rialto started around the 1920’s as a small, local theater. Their matinees for children were very popular back in the days. Today, Rialto has three auditoriums and a foyer. The interior is modern with lots of use of the color red attracting typical art house audience. Bundle up on one of the cosy couches overlooking the Ceintuurbaan with a cup of fresh mint tea or a specialty draft beer. The cinema rooms are a nice size, not too big or small, and the chairs are comfortable.


Out of the ordinary films

The programming of Rialto specializes in European films and non-Western art house movies. Expect no blockbusters, but accessible French and Italian films, which sometimes are preceded by an interview, introduction or an after party later. Rialto Late is a special weekly program on Friday and Saturday nights that feature cult, camp and crossover. In short, Rialto is a great place to get carried away with a gripping or romantic story.

World Cinema Amsterdam

In addition to the normal programming, Rialto is also responsible for programming the annual summer festival World Cinema Amsterdam.

Rialto Film Theatre
Ceintuurbaan 338
1072 GN Amsterdam

Monday: 14.00 – 01.00
Tuesday: 14.00 – 01.00
Wednesday: 14.00 – 01.00
Thursday: 14.00 – 01.00
Friday: 14.00 – 02.00
Saturday: 13.00 – 02.00
Sunday: 11.00 – 01.00

Film ticket:
€ 9 – € 10

Rialto Young:
€ 7,5

Long movie: € 1
3D film: € 1,5