Pathé Tuschinski

  • Pathé Tuschinski

Pathé Tuschinski

Pathé Tuschinski’s main auditorium is considered by some as the best looking auditorium of the country. That explains why it is so often used for the premieres of movies. With its abundance of red velvet and beautiful decorations this majestic hall breathes times gone by.


Special architecture

The outside of the building is also special because its façade combines elements from Art Deco, Jugendstil and the famous local style: Amsterdamse School. During World War II the Germans took over Pathé Tuschinski and renamed it Tivoli. After the war it got its old name back and functioned for decades as a movie theater. In 2002 elaborate renovations were ended making Pathé Tuschinski ready for this century. Expect big Hollywood films mixed with some of the bigger titles from the art-house scene.

Pathé Tuschinski
Reguliersbreestraat 26-34
1017 CN Amsterdam
Canal Belt (South)

Monday: 11.30 – 00.00
Tuesday: 11.30 – 00.00
Wednesday: 11.30 – 00.00
Thursday: 11.30 – 00.00
Friday: 11.30 – 00.00
Saturday: 11.30 – 00.00
Sunday: 11.30 – 00.00

Depending on the movie you select, expect a ticket price between:

€ 8 – € 15

€ 8 – € 15

€ 8 – € 15

Family (2 adults and a minimum of 2 children under the age of 11):
€ 6 – € 9


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