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Gebroeders Niemeijer

A little piece of France in Netherlands, that’s what the Gebroeders Niemeijer bakery (The Brothers Niemeijer) offers. Think of sweet brioche bread with homemade marmalade, petit-pains of walnut and fig with gruyere or tartlets aux fruits frais. But you don’t really have to know the French language as they have an English menu readily available.


French breakfast

Gebroeders Niemeijer serve their French breakfasts between 08.15 and 12.00. On the menu you’ll find, among many options, croissants, baguettes and granola. You can take the delicious food with you or enjoy it in the shop under the art deco ceiling while you see the bakers at work.

Gebroeders Niemeijer
Nieuwendijk 35
1012 MA Amsterdam
Burgwallen – Nieuwe Zijde

Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 08.15 – 17.00
Wednesday: 08.15 – 17.00
Thursday: 08.15 – 17.00
Friday: 08.15 – 17.00
Saturday: 08.30 – 17.00
Sunday: 09.00 – 17.00

To give you an idea:

€ 1,35

Tartelette au citron
€ 3,25

Petit dejeuner – French breakfast
€ 6,95 – € 9,5 (with fresh fruit)

Goat cheese salad with roasted walnuts and fresh bread

€ 8,75

Selection of chocolate truffles
€ 6,25


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