Delft, The Hague & Madurodam Tour

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  • Delft - Church
  • Madurodam - Miniature replica of the Netherlands
  • The Hague - Binnenhof - States General Netherlands
  • Scheveningen - Beach at sunset
  • Delft - Army Museum
  • Delft - East Gate of the City
  • Delft Blue Houses
  • The Hague - Binnenhof - Where the cabinet resides

Delft, The Hague & Madurodam Tour

If you haven’t got the time to visit all that Holland’s got to offer, this tour enables you to do so anyway, by taking you to Madurodam. Here you find the best the Netherlands have got to offer like the Alkmaar cheese market and the Delta Works, replicated in minute detail on a 1:25 scale. And all of it is interactive, so roll up those sleeves and load a container onto a cargo ship in Rotterdam’s port or operate the surge barriers to prevent the villages behind it from flooding!


Delft and The Hague

But first the Delft, The Hague and Madurodam tour takes you to the picturesque town of Delft, world-renowned for its blue-and-white potteries that became famous as a 17th century duplicate of Chinese porcelain. You stop at the Delftse Pauw, one of the famous Delft Blue potteries where you can shop for this appealing porcelain. Then you continue your journey to The Hague where the Dutch politicians reside, passing such famous sites as the Binnenhof, Peace Palace and the Houses of Parliament. The day ends with the passing of the seaside resort of Scheveningen, located adjacent to The Hague and famous for its lovely beaches.

Greater Amsterdam

The tour starts at 02.30 PM and lasts about 5,5 hours, ending at the starting point at around 8 PM.