• Ctaste


Do you want to experience having diner in a whole new way? Go to ctaste to have your dinner in the dark. Let the visually impaired waiters guide you to your table and surrender yourself to the ctaste experience. The dark will make sure that your senses are highly sensitive. Taste, structure and smell are all very important components in the chef’s menu.


Choose what way you want to enjoy the dark

You can have brunch or dinner at ctaste. Do you consider a complete meal in the dark a bit too much, but you are curious about the experience? You can also enjoy a High Wine or a High Beer experience, where you taste 3 wines or 6 beers with accompanying deluxe snacks.

Dating in the dark

Want to bring a date to ctaste? Book the ‘Dating in the dark’ arrangement, consisting of a 5 course menu including a special digital photograph made from the two of you in the dark.

Off the beaten track

Ctaste perfectly fits the Off the beaten track profile. Unless you’re visibly impaired, dining in the dark is not something you’ll do everyday. The off the beaten track shows you places that are a bit different and not for the masses. Ctaste is all that.

Amsteldijk 55
1074 HX Amsterdam
De Pijp

Monday: Gesloten
Tuesday: Gesloten
Wednesday: 16.30 – 23.30
Thursday: 16.30 – 23.30
Friday: 16.30 – 23.30
Saturday: 16.30 – 23.30
Sunday: 11.00 – 13.00
Sunday: 16.30 – 23.30

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Dining in the dark is extra special when you don’t know in advance what you’ll be eating. If you’re adventerous, choose the chef’s menu:

Three course surprise menu
€ 39,5

Added wine supplement, one glass with each course
€ 12,75

Dating in the dark five course menu
€ 50,5

Exclusive five course dinner
€ 58,5

Deluxe five course dinner with wines
€ 70,85