• Cinecenter


The popular Cinecenter movie theatre plays mostly art house films, but only the more popular ones. The white leather upholstery and hairy stools in the foyer make for a nice contrast with the red velvet in the auditoriums. Cinecenter is located right behind the Leidseplein, across from the Melkweg, so if Cinecenter’s own foyer is too crowded you can always visit one of the neighbouring bars.


Cozy small

Like most art house theaters in Amsterdam, Cinecenter is small but very cosy and comfortable. All the screens have just been replaced and new sound systems are installed, ensuring an intense experience.

Lijnbaansgracht 236
1017 PH Amsterdam

Monday: 15.30 – 00.30
Tuesday: 15.30 – 00.30
Wednesday: 15.30 – 00.30
Thursday: 15.30 – 00.30
Friday: 15.30 – 00.30
Saturday: 13.30 – 00.30
Sunday: 10.30 – 00.30

Depending on the movie you select, expect a ticket price between:

Evening movie:
€ 9,5

Afternoon movie:
€ 8,5

Morning movie:
€ 6

Extra-long movie:
€ 11,5