Canal House****

  • Canal House

Canal House****

In the heart of the district Jordaan you can sleep in one of the 23, golden century Gothic-luxe inspired hotel rooms of the Canal House. Think of chandeliers, purple and black velvet and stylish reproductions of Dutch masters from the 17th century.


Centrally located

The Canal House hotel is centrally located which makes it an ideal starting point to discover Amsterdam on foot or by bike, although the rooms seduce you to remain there and enjoy the views from your fluffy bed, the full buffet breakfast with local delicacies or an hour-long soak with the free Green & Spring bath and body products.

Canal House
Keizersgracht 148
1015 CX Amsterdam
Canal Belt (West)

Prices depend on availability and duration of your stay:
Breakfast buffet is included

Good Room:
€ 240 – € 285

Better Room:
€ 260 – € 320

Great Room:
€ 310 – € 400

Exceptional Room:
€ 390 – € 525

Best Room:
€ 550 – € 700


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