BoerenBed De Groene Hoeve

  • BoerenBed De Groene Hoeve

BoerenBed De Groene Hoeve

At the Boerenbed De Groene Hoeve you get to experience what it is like to be a farmer. This farm offers five tents that are quite special: each tent has its own inside toilet, kitchen with stove to cook on and a real old fashioned canopy bed for the children to sleep in. The ‘master bedroom’ is equipped with a comfortable double bed with a real mattress. The tents are old army tents that are high enough to walk around in.


Goat farm

Boerenbed De Groene Hoeve is a goat farm, with more than 70 goats running around. The current owners bought the farm in 2000 and turned it into an organic highly self-sufficient farm that focuses on making goat cheese. Guests of the farm can participate in the daily chores around the farm, but you are also free to relax beside your tent all day long.

Private rabbit

There is a lot to do for small children. There are the animals: goats need to be cuddled, preferably by children! A special ‘cuddle cot’ is located near the tents, where young and old can go to cuddle the rabbits and little lambs. You can also rent a private rabbit to teach your children what it is like to care for an animal.

BoerenBed De Groene Hoeve
Lekerweg 25
1608 MB Wijdenes
Greater Amsterdam

The tents of De Groene Hoeve can only be rented for a:
Weekend (3 nights)
Midweek (4 nights)
Week (7 nights)

The BoerenBed Tent:
6 people (5 adults and 1 child)
45 m2 living space
Private toilet
Spacious beds
Bed and kitchen linen included
Firewood for the burner included

Price per night € 80 – € 150

The Heerenboer Tent:
BoerenBed Tent +
Your own hot tub
Farmers shower next to the tent
Double hammock
Spacious couch for indoor and outdoor
Canopy at the front of the tent
The beds are made upon arrival
Your own barbeque

Price per night € 125 – € 215