Barney’s Lounge

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Barney’s Lounge

Not all coffee shops are dark and mysterious. At Barney’s Lounge you might not even realize you are in a coffeeshop. This high end shop sells great quality goods and attracts an interesting mix of locals, expats and some tourists that happen to be in the know. And now you are too! With its clean and stylish interior, Barney’s Lounge can be described as being somewhat chic, but most of all it is welcoming and very relaxing.


Vivid 50+

Cannabis may be primarily associated with young people, and in Amsterdam coffee shops may focus more on the students and tourists around, so where do you go if you’re past 30 but still like to light one? Barney’s Lounge is the perfect place to quietly enjoy a quality joint in a stylish and cosy environment. That’s why Barney’s Lounge perfectly fits the Vivid 50+ Profile.

Barney’s Lounge
Reguliersgracht 27
1017 LK Amsterdam
Canal Belt (South)

Monday: 09.30 – 01.00
Tuesday: 09.30 – 01.00
Wednesday: 09.30 – 01.00
Thursday: 09.30 – 01.00
Friday: 09.30 – 01.00
Saturday: 09.30 – 01.00
Sunday: 09.30 – 01.00