Amsterdam Tulip Days

  • Amsterdam Tulip Days

Amsterdam Tulip Days

During the Amsterdam Tulip Days the tulip takes center stage. Amsterdam has been connected to the tulip for centuries. In the beginning of the 17th century the tulip was introduced by Dutch merchants who brought it here from overseas. For a few months the tulip was all the rage, only for the tulip market to come crashing down quickly. Even though nowadays you can’t see a lot of tulips in Amsterdam, we still feel connected to this special flower.


Tulip routes

So every year a group of locals makes sure that in April tulips are blooming in the city. To celebrate, the Amsterdam Tulip Days were brought to life. Buy a special ticket and get entrance to secret gardens all over town that show their special tulips in full bloom. Special walks take you into museum gardens, the Hortus Botanicus and private gardens from the beautiful canal houses. A tip: rent a bike for a day and cycle around town to all the different tulip locations. Best way to combine two of the things Amsterdam is famous for!

Disabled visitors

Most gardens are not accessible to wheel chairs and perambulators. Dogs are not allowed.

Amsterdam Tulip Days
Museum van Loon
Keizersgracht 672
1017 ET Amsterdam
Canal Belt (South)

17 january 2015

Passe-partout € 12,50

Tickets including a detailed description of the route are sold at the starting point at Museum van Loon.