AEX Stock Exchange

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AEX Stock Exchange

The Dutch East India company was founded in 1602 and considered the first multinational ever. To send their ships all over the world to purchase exotic spices and other delicacies they needed money. This is why they gave out stocks, which was not uncommon for the time. What was new, however, was the trading of the VOC-stocks between buyers. In the beginning the shares were traded outside, on a bridge on Tuesdays. But when they moved indoors in 1611, the AEX, the world’s first stock exchange was a fact.


Beurs van Berlage

Since the building was also used for cow and other livestock markets, the stock exchange moved into the still well-known Beurs van Berlage in 1903, to reach its final destination in 1987, when it moved to its current address at Beursplein 5.

Business Trip

The AEX fits perfectly in the Business Trip profile. The first stock exchange in the world, the AEX is still an important meeting point for the financial sector by the daily gong ceremony and the many conferences and shareholders meetings that take place there.

AEX Stock Exchange
Beursplein 5
1012 JW Amsterdam
Burgwallen – Nieuwe Zijde