Wilhelmina Dok

  • Wilhelmina Dok

Wilhelmina Dok

Wilhelmina Dok is the perfect place to look at the city from a different perspective. On this side of the river IJ you see everything from the Central Station, the new city library and the Passengers Terminal where the cruise ships are moored. A beautiful sight, both day and night.


Relax on the terrace

Find a seat on the cozy terrace and just watch the ships go by. Nothing is more soothing than the rippling water after a long day of exploring a new city. Of course you can also choose to start your day fresh here with coffee and a piece of pie. Whatever you decide to do, Wilhelmina Dok is definitely worth a visit.

In Love

Wilhelmina Dok perfectly fits the In Love profile as it’s a romantic spot to watch the boats float by or simply gaze into each others eyes. Just across the water from the cities center, you feel like you’re in a little hideaway together, but close enough to jump right back-in when you want to explore the city together.

Wilhelmina Dok
Noordwal 1
1021 PX Amsterdam

Monday: from 11.00
Tuesday: from 11.00
Wednesday: from 11.00
Thursday: from 11.00
Friday: from 11.00
Saturday: from 11.00
Sunday: From 11.00

The menu changes regularly, but to get your appetite going:

Soup of the day
€ 6,5

Caesar salad
€ 10

Rib eye with green asparagus, green peas and a gravy
€ 19,5

Rhubarb crumble with quark ice cream and a vanilla sauce
€ 7

Pear Fragipane
€ 4,5


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