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Sim only contracts

What does sim only mean?

A Sim only contract usually means purchasing a mobile contract deal that does not require you to but a phone handset. This makes the contract a lot cheaper and you will have a greater flexibility as you can compare each network, and buy your phone separately. Also, you can use a Sim only on your existing phone.

What contract types are on the market?

There are lots of Sim only contracts around, that makes it easy for you to find the deal that fits your requirements. To make it even easier, there are comparison sites like, that offer a quick and easy way to compare different contracts in a moment. Before you compare these contracts it is recommended to check how much data/texts/call minutes you currently use. This way you know if you would need more, less or the same amount.

What does it take to start a contract?

Basically all you need to do is: find yourself a deal that suits you and then purchase and install it. If you need more help with that, physical stores and online webstores can assist you with how to install it. The contract only deal is very cost effective, there are basically no limitations.

Can still get perks and upgrades while during the contract?

This depends on the provider you chose for, with many providers it is still possible to upgrade your Sim card. That is upgrading, not downgrading. Your current Sim only deal is the lowest most providers will go. Because of that, it is important that you don’t close a sim only deal that has too much data/texts/minutes. If you do, you can not reduce it.  Furthermore it is good to know companies are keen to keep you invested and retain business. This results in providers offering you tempting benefits to stay at their network.