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Hostel Hostelle

Hostel Hostelle is, as the name suggests, a boutique hostel for females only. There are two private double rooms as well as 4-, 6- and 8-bed dorms with bunk beds. All rooms are decorated by different artists.


Fresh interior

Owner Bianca Brasdorp felt Amsterdam needed a clean and fun hostel that catered to women only and so she built one. An old office building has been completely renovated and turned into a fun and beautiful hostel. Hostel Hostelle is located in the south-eastern part of the city and is connected to the city center through various metro lines and buses.

Solo Travelers

Hostel Hostelle is perfect for woman who travel alone, which is why it’s included in the Solo Travelers profile. Meeting like minded travelling companions is always easier in a hostel, and you won’t be bothered by intrusive men.

Hostel Hostelle
Frankemaheerd 2
1102 AN Amsterdam
South East

Prices vary depending on availability and the duration of your stay:

4 bed dorm: € 28 – € 42
6 bed dorm: € 26 – € 40
8 bed dorm: € 24 – € 38

Private Room:
(2 single beds, private bathroom with shower):

€ 85 – € 110