Expats in Amsterdam meet the expat Amsterdam community

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Expats in Amsterdam meet the expat Amsterdam community

Nearly 50.000 expats call Amsterdam their home, originally coming from all over the world.

Are you an expat and are you interested in socializing and meeting new friends within the expat community?

The British Society of Amsterdam is welcoming expats from any nationality to join them, for free.

Sign up and you can participate in the many sportive and fun events they organize like badminton, golf, bridge, tennis, squash and volleyball.

Their yearly December ball is legendary and always quick to sell out, but there is so much more on offer.

Their emphasis on fun, education and new experiences within a strong sense of community makes for a very warm British welcome with great expatations.

Orange Dutch

Some fun facts about the Dutch

When greeting friends and acquaintances, the Dutch kiss women three times on the cheeks. Younger men might also kiss each other but mostly they just shake hands.

The Dutch are known to be very direct in their conversations give their opinion if they are asked, or not. Don’t be offended, as it’s not personal, and feel free to join them, it’s much appreciated.

Dutch love ‘gezelligheid’, which has no accurate English translations.

Words like pleasant, comfortable, cosy, sociable and relaxing might get close, but as gezelligheid is used in so many different ways, one word never really seems to hit the mark.

A place can be gezellig, a room can be gezellig, a person can be gezellig, an evening can be gezellig.

Dutch women and children consistently rank among the happiest in the world and men rank quite high on the happiness scale as well, so you’ve chosen the right country for an amazing stay, enjoy!


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