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If you are traveling abroad for business in the Netherlands, you may be staying in a hotel near the airport. You had business meetings during the day and in the evening you arrive tired but satisfied in your hotel room. You can spend the evening while you aimlessly zap TV channels. But you can also order a lady from Escorts in Schiphol to spend a few exciting hours. Escorts in Schiphol has more than 30 attractive ladies available for you who want nothing more than to spoil you. You can already book a lady for a rate of only 150 euros per hour.


Choose from a wide range of escort girls

At Escorts in Schiphol you can choose from a wide variety of ladies. Originating from the Netherlands but also from other countries. Do you want a handsome blonde or an oriental beauty? It can all be arranged. Your preferences for small or large, slim or full-bodied, with large or small breasts can also be answered. Most Escorts ladies in Schiphol are students and therefore do not work every day. If you want to book a specific girl, it is advisable to do this well in advance. The ladies usually have only 1 or only a few men per day that they visit.

All your dreams come true

Have you had a fantasy about an SM role-play or a golden shower for a long time? Do you want a wonderful erotic massage or do you fantasize about a trio? You can let all your dreams come true with a lady from Escorts in Schiphol. On the profile page you can see for which special services the ladies can be booked. If there is a question mark it means that this service is possible in consultation. It is then advisable to first contact this by telephone. If the lady of your choice is not available, an employee of Escorts in Schiphol can often propose a suitable alternative.

Receive your escort in your hotel room

You can discreetly receive an escort girl from Escorts in Schiphol in your hotel room. The lady of your choice will be dropped off by the taxi driver and if possible will immediately go to your hotel room. So you do not usually have to wait for her in the lobby. It is permitted in all hotels in the Netherlands to receive a guest in your room at no additional cost. Only if she spends the night in the hotel room does this have to be paid extra. Make sure there are clean towels ready for your escort lady so she can take a shower after the erotic get-together to refresh.

Special high class escort service

You can also contact Escorts in Schiphol for a so called high class escort service. These ladies are the top of the bill of this escort agency. They can accompany you to a couples club or a fancy dinner with business associates. They will naturally behave as expected from them in these situations. Do you have an important networking drink and do not want to go there on your own? Order a high class escort lady to accompany you. Whether you take her to a hotel room after the meeting to finish the day with a delicious erotic get together is of course entirely up to you to decide.

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