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Best of Amsterdam is an online travel platform informing only about the best Amsterdam has to offer. From summer festivals to where to get your Christmas shopping’s, we gladly show the way. If you prefer, you can even get personalized tips through our Trip Profiles. So come and explore on!

About Press Trade Advertising:


Best of Amsterdam is exactly thát: the best that Amsterdam has to offer. In principle, therefore, we write about things, which we believe that they are worth this prestigious certificate, but we are certainly open to suggestions.
If your business is located in Amsterdam and you think you’re worthy to be called Best of Amsterdam, a collaboration might be possible.

Is your company top of the bill and does it deserve a spot among the best? That’s possible!

We have got a lot to offer. In addition to the many visitors who use our website daily as inspiration for their stay in Amsterdam, we also have a large interactive social media network, that grows continuously.
We currently have nearly 100.000 Facebook likes and over 70.000 Instagram followers! We can work together in different ways:


Our social media channels, Instagram and Facebook, offer a low-threshold way to get in touch with potential customers. We like to think along for an optimal design of the campaign, where experience shows that every action always generates additional visitors, followers and likes for our customers. The price for a social media campaign is € 75.

Our extensive website offers different listing options, distinguishing between a business listing or placement in an article.
  • Business Listing

In a business listing we exclusively zoom in on your company, event or organization.

Best of Amsterdam has several categories, such as restaurants, clubs or hotels. A business listing on our website is placed in a relevant category, and that can also be multiple. A restaurant where you can go all day, for example, fits in the category of breakfast bars, as well as in the lunch rooms.

For a business listing we receive at least comprehensive information about what makes it so special, including photos and relevant information such as opening hours, the address and costs.

But our preference is for an experience, so that we can send one of our bloggers along to live it. We always write the text of the entry ourselves, and that is best if we actually experienced it.

A business listing costs € 149 per year, starting from the insertion date. Barter with closed trade fairs is also an option, then the business listing is free in exchange for a link from your website to the business listing.

  • Article

Another option is placement in an article, that addiotinaly can be combined with a business listing.

In our articles we zoom in on a specific topic that makes Amsterdam so much fun. What to do in Amsterdam? A top 10 of ultimate things to experience in Amsterdam or where do you drink the best flat white, doppio or Cortado are some examples.

We’ve already written about a lot of different topics and there are constantly new articles that you can find on our blog.

Because of the broader approach and our active promotion of the topics, our articles have a greater reach than a loose business listing. Depending on the popularity of an article and the chosen position, cost placement in an article from € 149 per year.


We like to think big and believe that your success increases our success. Therefore, we prefer to combine an entry on our website with social media exposure for optimal results.

The cost of a business listing in combination with a social media campaign is € 149per year. When chosen for placement in an article, this is the starting price, depending on the popularity of the chosen article.

Social Media ExposureInstagram & Facebook€ 75
Placement on Best of Amsterdam.comBusiness Listing or Article€ 149
Online ExposureSocial Media Exposure &
Placement on Best of
€ 149

Is your company the best Amsterdam has to offer? Then contact us via e-mail.

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